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In 28 years, these are the very best roofs systems that we have come across. Our
technicians are certified, factory-trained applicators of the following roof systems:
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Duro-Last makes our best
thermoplastic, low-pitched roofing
solution. Its high reflectivity keeps
energy spending to a minimum, and
warranty--the only one that does
not exclude consequential damages
done to the contents of your
building--is the most exhaustive
available today.

Each system must be specially
ordered, since all systems are
custom-fabricated for each
individual customer. This allows the
Duro-Last system to be
custom-built to address each roof's
individual needs.

Before each system is approved for
shipment, it must pass 14 quality
control checkpoints. Duro-Last
only provides roofs to certified and
specially trained contractors. These
are the reasons why Duro-Last is
able to offer such a superior

We are confident that your
Duro-Last roof will provide you
with the longest, least-trouble
service life.
Firestone makes the best asphalt-based,
low-pitched roofing solution with our
most popular
APP Modified Bitumen

The membrane is offered in a variety of
thicknesses and surface finishes, and
each roll is backed first by a polyester

We elect to heat-weld each seam of the
membrane, fusing each strip together into
one, water-tight unit.

Prior to this seam welding, we install a
permanent fiberglass underlay, which
protects your roof deck from being
compromised during the process.
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